Sloop Jones Marketing Materials

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Ashley Ladlie made Sloop Jones' website


In addition to writing, designing, building and maintaining the Sloop Jones website, I also create many of the marketing materials. Here are some of them.



Mailchimp Newsletters

I love Mailchimp. It’s (mostly) very easy to work with, and their copywriting and user interaction make it a fun platform to use as well. I’ve also found that keeping in regular contact with your email list does indeed boost sales (or whatever goal it is you’re trying to achieve).

The following are just a few of the emails I’ve put together and written.








Print Ad

This is a print ad for the St. John Map, a sister publication to¬†The St. John Guidebook. It’s a small ad (looks bigger on the screen than on the map) but it’s a great representation of the brand AND it really pops.




Digital Ads

There are all for the very popular St. John Spice Cam. They are a real challenge because the dimensions are so tiny! I have to make sure that the image/text combo is uncluttered, legible, eye-catching and click-worthy.


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You can check out my portfolio page for The Sloop Jones website here.

A Sloop Jones product description and advertorial page is on its way!

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